Welcome to the Rainbow Committee Fundraising Page

As you may know, Rainbow Preschool is a charity and needs to raise funds every year to keep providing its outstanding childcare provision.

The committee is a group of parent volunteers and we have fundraising aims each year. Funds raised will also help maintain and update preschool equipment, decorate and maintain the building, provide play, craft and learning resources and help towards other costs of the preschool.

Every term we would like to keep you updated with ways you can get involved, dates for your diary and updates on our fundraising efforts.

Dates for the Diary

Fundraising Idea?

Have you a fundraising
idea or suggestion?
we are always looking for new ideas and volunteers so please contacts us at

Ellas Kitchen Packaging and all Squeezy pouches!

Rainbow is now an official Terracycle Drop off point for Ely. We can recycle Ellas Kitchen packaging of any kind and all brands of squeezy pouches eg. Yogurts, fruit purees, smoothies etc. Rainbow will get 2p for every piece of packaging donated so please bring along any you wish to recycle, a box will be outside soon.


If you need to buy labels for school uniform, equipment, toys etc, please use http://www.mynametags.com and use our school ID – 12292. Rainbow will get a percentage of every sale!