Our Sessions

Our minimum age is 2.5 years old.  For those children going into their pre-school year you will be able to request any session during the week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons are dedicated to our pre-school children where they will benefit from focused time and primary school preparation.

For those children not going into their pre-school year you will be able to request any time on a Tuesday and Thursday and Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Our younger children at Rainbow are called ‘Cubs’ and our Pre-school children are called ‘Tigers’.

Session times:

Morning sessions: 9.15am – 11.45am

Afternoon sessions: 12.15pm – 2.45pm

Full day: 9.15am – 2.45pm (this includes a packed lunch club from 11.45am – 12.15pm)

Packed lunch club:

Packed lunch club will involve you providing your child with a healthy lunch to bring to Rainbow if they are attending a full day session.


Snacks are provided during each session and the children choose from a range of healthy snacks and drinks.  We provide a board in the playground so parents can see what snacks have been offered each day.  A snack fee applies.

Show and Tell:

Younger children divide into their key working groups and take it in turns to talk about an object they have brought in relating to a weekly theme.  This gives them a gentle introduction to speaking in front of others; developing both language skills and confidence as they do so.  Our pre-school children take turns to tell the whole group, this encourages confidence in speaking in front of a larger group, development of language skills and allows everyone to take a turn so the group gets to know each other better.


Weekly our pre-school children are encouraged to borrow a book from the pre-school library, which they then return the following week.